Infrantry Planes Units WW2

Why Italy was so ineffective during WW2 ?

As you may notice, Italy didn’t achive much considering Germany. This is due to several reasons:

Weak Industry

  • This is the biggest problem. You see, industry effects both quality and quantity of tanks, rifles, grenades, shells, artillery, all kinda aircraft, all kinda naval units etc. Now, lets look at the numbers:

Ground forces

Italy had 63 divisions on September 1939. 43 of them was infrantry divisions. Now, only 19 of them was a complete divisions based on manpower, logistic elements and equipment. 34 divisions lack of equipment, logistic elements and manpower at rate of about %20 percent. The last 20 divisions lack around %50 rate. Now, this topic is awful and I didn’t start to talk about quality, which is worse…

Lets consider an intended Italian infrantry division and an average German infrantry division:

As you can see, German division is far better than an Italian division and this is just the ”intented” numbers. It will get worse than that. These are the percentages on the Italian estimates for meeting the requirements of 1940:

  • Only %6 of the artillery
  •   %25 of armor for small caliber
  • %7 of medium caliber ammo
  • %10 of heavy caliber ammo
  • %35 of rifles
  • %10 of machine guns
  • %70 of medium mortars
  • %10 for those mortars
  • %42 for planes
  • %40 for engines

could be achived. You see, it was worse than a German division even on ”intended” numbers, now it’s even worse with these percentages!

Garret Schreiber said that an Italian division has the firepower only about %25 of a French division and %10 of a German division.

Naval Force

Naval force is slighly better than the ground army and suprisingly, Italy actually stand up to Allied naval force in the Mediterranean Sea. Here is a picture:

From top to bottom: Battleships, Aircraft Carriers, Cruisers, Light Cruisers, Smaller Vessels like destroyers or torpedo boats, Submarine
Note: Italy’s 4 battleship wasn’t fully operational till June 1940

Only weaknesses of the Italian Navy was the oil and aviation problem. Ships wouldn’t sail for too long, unlike British, because of oil problems. Neverthles, this branch of the Italian Army was the strongest.

Air Force

Like other branches, this was problematic too. One of the biggest problems was limited amount or quality of ground crews. I am not joking, only %50 of the Italian aircraft were operational in 1939. Furthermore, most aircraft were under-powered or in low quality because the lack of maintenance.

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