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Why didn’t Operation Sea Lion came into action?

Very important! Read my essay, Battle of Britain, if you want to understand why Germans couldn’t maintain air supeiority over England.

1940. France, Belgium, Netherlands and many more are in the German hands. There is one major power left in Europe that is war with Germany: England.

You see, problem is easy to solve, rigth? Just make a naval invasion and war is over. Wrong.

First of all, let’s divide this Operation Sea Lion into two parts:

  • Tactical problems

  • Logistical problems

On the air

Let’s look at the tactical problems first. First of all, Luftwaffe couldn’t even achive its just air supeiority task, how can it make:

  • Escorting convoys
  • Supporting battleships
  • Escorting the cargo planes
  • Achive air supeiority
  • Supporting the ground units

You see, there are huge weights on the Luftwaffe’s back. Now, war in the skies are definetly on the RAF’s side. Plus, Luftwaffe is a pretty young army considering the RAF. 

On the seas

Now, let’s look at the naval topic. Germanys naval doctrine depends on convoy raiding, so they would have hard time maintaining naval supeiority. They have to escort soldier convoys and that is very-very hard considering UK’s huge naval force.

An English heavy cruiser, WW2

On the ground

Now, let’s look at the ground forces. I am going to make a list for that:

  • Wehrmacht wasn’t experinced about naval landings.
  • They don’t want to spend their time making preparations about naval landing since Blitzkrieg (both in tactics and strategy) depends on speed.
  • Tanks could easily sunk and with it, the most important unit of Blitzkrieg doctrine.
  • German soldiers were usually transported via trains and they have to transport every man via ships. Also there are trucks which also would be impossible to use.

Logistical Problems

Logistical problems were just as big considering tactical problems. In the book, Germany and the Second World War, Volume 2 (Das Deutsche Reich Und Der Zweite Weltkrieg) it writes: 
” The navy couldn’t meet the requirements of transport space by army and air force (for the flak) ”

Now, there is an air problem which I mentioned earlier, and that would cause a huge problem. Food, ammunition, artillery etc. would need to transport via either ships, which is dangerous, or transport planes which is more dangereous.

Overall, time would be in the UK’s size and it would probably a disaster for the Germans.

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