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Why Japan got nuked twice in WW2?

”Bastard USA! They have no sense of mercy, they dropped nukes to Japan.”

”USA, killing innocent people since 1945.”

I heard these kind of sentences while listening other peoples thoughts when they hear this topic: Hiroshima & Nagasaki. Is it the right thing to think about this way, or there are some other things in the background? I will try to find about this in this article.

Japan’s situation in 1944-1945

You see, Imperial Japan wasn’t in a good form in these days. Why? They lost their air supeoirty and they are getting bombed by B-17’s and their industry is crappy. Secondly, their naval power is no match considering USA. Naval and air supeiority might not mean much to you, but in the Pacific Theater these were the key words for both sides.

You probably heard about the kamikazes and samurai, right? Yeah, you see, Japanese people were very nationalist at the time and this situation make the Allied high command worry about the ferocious resistance they will get if they do a naval invasion to Home Islands. Actually, even an operation was planned: Operation Downfall. But it wasn’t executed due to expected high resistance from Japanese civilians, more kamikaze attacks and so on.

More reasons?

At the beginning of the WW2, nuclear bombs weren’t invented yet and USA was dying to test if its works or not because obviously, they have devastating effects on enemy and this will make them a superpower. It has political reasons too. ”Don’t mess with USA like bombing Pearl Harbor without declaring war first or your country are gonna get devasted buddy”


Even though Japanese commited dozens of war crimes, this doesn’t make America %100 innocent. Sure, it could have been more deadly to execute Operation Downfall, but by nuking the Hiroshima and Nagasaki, they killed over 120.000 civilans instantly.

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