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American Revolution 02

It was now winter and British forces were not expecting an attack, and they were using some mercenaries near the Continental Army. Washington heard the Hessian defenses were down and he decided to attack. He cross the icy Delaware River with 2.400 and marched nine miles to Trenton. Mercenaries caught in suprise and lose the battle. General Cornwallis order some of the British forces to counter-attack the Americans, but that plan failed. As a result, British abandon Southern New Jersey for the rest of the winter.

Meanwhile, Congress sent Benjamin Franklin to France on a mission to convice France to declare war against the British. France told that they want to do that but first they need to be sure that it is a surely American win.

Disagreement between British generals.

On the British side, they decide to make a plan that will split the America into two pieces: General Burgoyne and General William would advance through each other and meet in the middle. Burgoyne were advancing and taking forts, but near the middle he came across heavy American resistance. Meanwhile, William was looking for personal glory so he ignore that plan and capture the American capital, Philadelphia. Problem is real life is not a HOI4 game so you won’t actually do anything to rebels by capturing their capital. Congress was now in York.

Remember the British advance plan that stopped because of heavy American resistance? That heavy resistance grew and grew and beat the Burgoynes army. As a result, both William and Burgoynes were fired and replace them with General Henry Clinton. After all of this, French were ready to join the war.

Prussian trainer

Friedrich Wilhelm … Steuben

American general Washingtons army were trained by some Prussian guy. He trained the soldiers to how to shoot accurately, how to set formations quickly and strict punishments came.

Meanwhile, British forces were now retreating from Philadelphia and going to New York. While retrating, Washington find a good opportunity to attack at Monmouth Courthouse. Many soldiers died from heatstroke as they die from bullets. It was a draw, or lets say kind of a victory for the Americans.

On the English Channel, naval battles were made between British and French. French also sent a large fleet to America, but many of them were damaged in a storm near the Rhode Island. Spain were also join the war officaly in June 1779, I said officaly because they were providing aid to Americans.

Traitor Benedict Arnold

Benedict Arnold

Benedict Arnold were control of the city Philadelphia, even marrying a woman. Same woman was supporting the British when they were control of the city. As a result, people protested him. He asked to put him in charge of the fort at West Point, a place where British forces are too close. Then he contacted the British, offering them to join their side and giving the fort. He was a traitor right now. Luckily, plans were discovered on a British officer, but Arnold escape to New York before he was arrested.

British advances in the South

British debt was increasing and the North was in a stalemate, so British look for the South. An area that has more British loyalist and more richer than the North. They were in control the city of Savannah, Georgia already. Now, they laid siege to Charleston, South Carolina. They also sent the Bannister ”Butcher” to hunt rebels. Americans send Nathainel Greene to stop the British advance. His forces were outnumbered, so he knew that he couldn’t defeat the British by just attacking them. Instead, he split his army to two pieces. They move to two diffrent directions and Britsh send a small army to eliminate one of the army and they failed.

Then, Greene move his quick and mobile army to cross the Dan River, pick some reinforcments and beat the exhausted British army. British technicaly won but they lose 550 men, while the Americans lose just 250.

Meanwhile, French forces came and they were ready to fight. Then British abandoned the most part of the South and moved to Yorktown. On his march to Yorktown, he raided and steal supplies from locals.

Last battle and peace negotiations

Meanwhile, brand new French army came and they were close to Washingtons troops. They march all the way to Virginia. A large fleet from French succesfuly eliminate the British Navy out of the Chesapeake Bay. Americans tightend around the city and start to rain artillery down to Cornwallis.  Without aid, Brtish had no choice but to surrender. Over 7.000 British troops were captured, a crushing defeat.

That led to the peace negotiations. In 1783, Great Britian remove its troops from American soil and recognize U.S independence, but the U.S still need to pay its debt to Great Britian and gave fair treatmant to any person who is still loyal to the British.

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