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Before I start to talk about American Revolution, I need to talk about why it is happened. In the America, after fighting with natives and each other, America was split up to two pieces: British and French occupation zones, but there was a land which both sides think land is belong to them, so French built some forts, even though British said don’t do it, and this British were pissed about this. They attack them with natives and normal army under the command of George Washington, and they win.

Some of the natives were not in knowledge of surrendiring, so they killed the French commander which led to a 7 years war. British were victorious but with a high cost: Around 60 million pound. British were now broke and start to raise taxes from his colonies and that angered the American people and they start protesting this. British loyalist were harrased, they boycoted the British imports etc. After a few years, British decided to send 1.000 troops to Boston to take control.

First sparks of revolution

On March 5th, an American group start harrasing a British soldier. More and more American patriots joined the group and British soldiers were gathering around them, just in case. Situation was getting worse and worse for the British soldiers, so guess what? They opened fire. 5 civilians were killed. Patriots pressed this all over America saying this was a massacrace commited against Boston people.

December 16th, 1773

A group of patriots known as the Sons of Libery disguised themselves as Native Americans and throw nearly worth of 10.000 pounds of tea. Locals loved this, cheering and shouting to encourage them.

4.000 troops in Boston

In response, British send 3.000 more troops to take control the city more, meaning that Boston was full control of British. Other citys saw this and worried that they might be next, so they 56 delegates gathered and met at Philadelphia, known as the ”First Continental Congress”.They decide to tell the militas to arm up and be ready for a war any time.

First war against rebels

700 British soldier in Boston were task to eliminate the ammunition held by rebels in Concord at night. Patriots like Paul Revere tell the militas that soldiers were coming, so they have some time to be ready. Two sides met in Lexington. Rebels were outnumbered and had to retreat to Concord, but the British didn’t know was that militias were gathering soldiers and becoming stronger. Rebels won and British soldiers were harrased often all the way back to Boston. When the British soldiers arrive in Boston, militias surrounded them.

Fort Ticonderoga, now in American hands

Colonel Benedict Arnold made a plan about taking the Fort Ticonderoga held by British that has a lot of ammunition and gun. He set off alone, hoping to recruit some soldiers along the way. When he came across the Green Mountian Boys under the command of Ethan Allen, turns out they have the same plan too. Something happend between them and Green Mountian Boys take the fort alone with no resistance.

British were in a huge suprise and Thomas Gage was fired and William Howe was hired. On the American side, they choose to pick George Washington as a commander-in-chief. George Washington go to Boston, in order to command the soldiers that surrounded the British.

Battle for Bunker Hill

On the Boston, British has plans to take the Bunker Hill. American spys warned about this and in the result, they fortified the Bunker Hill and set up defensive positions in the Breed’s Hill. On 17 June, 1775 battle start. At first, British were pushed back. Battle raged for 3 hours and at last, Continental Army had to retreat because they ran out of ammuniton. Technically, it was a British victory, but British suffered around 1.000 men, while Americans suffered just 400.

While war was raging on, American diplomats weren’t sure about why they are fighting. Some say for independence, some say to remove taxes…

Small conflicts was happening. British burned down the towns in the Falmouth and Norfolk. Enemys of the British, French and Spain, would soon began to send supplies to rebels. Meanwhile, Benedict Arnold was busy trying to invade Canada. It was a worse plan. Harsh snowstorm is a big negative effect for the attacker side in any war, so they had to retreat all the way back to Fort Ticonderoga.

In Boston, there was some heavy artillery which came from the Fort Ticonderoga. They set the guns in Dorchester Heights and start bombing the British. British had no choice but to retreat from the Boston. Washington got his first victory. Then, he moved his armys to New York.

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