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Why didn’t Operation Sea Lion came into action?

Very important! Read my essay, Battle of Britain, if you want to understand why Germans couldn’t maintain air supeiority over England. 1940. France, Belgium, Netherlands and many more are in…

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Allies side of D-Day

D-Day landings D-Day 1944. USSR winning on the Eastern Front. How do they stop the enormous communist expansion in the peace treaty? Answer was simple: A naval landing. So the…

German soldiers in bunker. Source:
Battles, RAF, Royal Navy, Wehrmacht, WW2

German side of D-Day

German soldiers in a bunker Defensive structures When they learn about the D-Day landings, Erwin Rommel was in control for this defensive operation. He seeded the ground with special mines…

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Gallipoli Campaign

1915. WW1 had been fallen into a stalemate, plus Russia wants supply help from Allied powers and that way, Allies could reach İstanbul and knock the Ottoman Empire out of…