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3: Dictator Hitler

Hitler make a promise like returning Germany to its former glory by undoing the Treaty of Versailles and uniting all ethnic Germans into one state. He said that all Jews would lose their citizienship. Nazi quickly became the leader right wing party. He establish SA. Their job was to defend Nazis during meetings and harass enemy politicians. They also fight with communists on the street often. Since the Treaty of Versailles didn’t allow Germany to have a normal size millitary, many trained soldiers left unemployed. They like the Nazi ideology and it’s natural for them to join SA.

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The Great Depression

Then Germany started to print more money to pay Allies. Problem here is that printing more money doesn’t actually make you rich, it just make money less valuable. By December 1923, one U.S dollar was equal to 4.2 trillion marks. In such an economic crisis, Germany struggle to pay Allies. French were furious about this. They plunder the Ruhr, an industrial city, taking the resources as a payment.

Failed revolution attempt

Nazis think it would be a great time to start a revolution. Hitler made a speech in a bar, saying uprising to the government. With his supporters, he march in Munich. They failed. Hitler put on trial for treason. He could be sentenced to life, but right wing judges sentence him just 5 years in prison. When I say 5 years, I mean 9 months. When I say prison, I mean a place comfortable, where you can write a book. He write the first one of Mein Kampf here. Nazi ideology was known everywhere in Germany, but German people just didn’t care them. In 1928, Nazis were just %2.6 percent of vote chart.

Germany in 1929

To help Germany pay its reparations, America agreed to give it loans. In October 1929, Wall Street Crash happened. Poverty was widespread and German people were sick of it. People began to choose either extreme right and extreme left. Election after election, Nazis became more popular. In 1932, they were the biggest party. He decided to run for president, but lost to the extremely popular WW1 general, Paul von Hindenburg.

Chancellor to dictator

Franz von Papen convince the WW1 general that keeping the Hitler as a puppet will make things good. Hitler became chancellor of Germany in January 1933. In February, the German Parliment caught on fire. Hitler blame the communists and make the Paul von Hinderburg sign a paper that allow him to send the communists to prison. Then, Paul von Hindeburg died and now he make himself a dictator. After that, Hitler order mass execution of 6 million of Jewish men, women and children.

Then, he would be the factor of massive conflict in human history, WW2…

End of this serie.

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