1: Child Hitler

Baby Hitler

Picture of baby Hitler.
Picture of baby Hitler

Hitler was born in a small town in Austro-Hungary at April 20, 1889. His father changed wife for 2 times. At first, he was married with a rich but old lady, so he start to cheat on his wife, which is younger than his legal wife. He wait her to die, because catcholic church can’t allow to just divorce them, and had a child in the meantime. Then his wife died and married that younger lady. Suprise! That lady dies because of sickness too, so he decided to get married with his cousin… Anyway, then Adolf was born. His father beat him whenever he wants, so result was a difficult relationship with his father, and super attach to his mother. His mother taking care of him like crazy because 3 of her child was dead, so she didn’t want the same fate for Adof.

Hitler in school

Hitler did well in elementary school, he was a popular kid and enjoy to gather them to play war games or reading about cowboy or indian books. But that altitude didn’t go for too long, though. He was caught smoking once, but most importantly he was always debating with his religion teacher about Germanic nationalism. Then, strange habits start to show up such as talking to trees, staying all late night around cemetry etc. When he got in the city, some cool city boys start to bully him because he was a peasant in their perspective.

”Naughty boy!”

His grades begin to decrase over time, and he spend most of his time reading and drawing, which he was quite good at. Then his father died because of lung hemorrhage. Now, he was a 16 year old boy without much purpose in life. He spent most of his life with his only friend, August Kubizek, in operas. Then he said goodbye to his mother and went to Vienna, hoping to find art career. He failed.

End of part 1

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